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Ankorr Training Course (Online)


Service Description
This Ankorr course is developed to give professional coaches & the fitness industry a basic understanding of what this tool can do. You will learn & feel why this tool, has been taken up by elite sports teams, fitness studios & the fitness community.

It is imperative that you feel the impact Ankorr training has on you before you go out & inflict this tool on the population. Therefore it is a requirement that you participate in all aspects of the course. If you are injured & cannot participate in the practical segments of the course please let us know before booking (health waiver in registration). Thank you for choosing to experience our Ankorr education.

Course Time Zone: Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

                                   ***MUST HAVE OWN ANKORR***




Ankorr Trainer: Quintin

Strength & Conditioning

I found my passion for coaching after retiring from an extensive sporting background. Since 2014 I’ve completed my Personal Training, Strength and Conditioning, Injury prevention and rehab support and Olympic weight lifting qualifications, as well as many more. Having experience with sporting teams, pro athletes, youth development and even the general public, gives me the knowledge to help you achieve your goals and gain the edge on your competitors.

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