How to use it


When you put the Ankorr on, always make sure the floating shoulder strap is on the top of your arm.


The Ankorr pack comes with a fixed point attachment strap that can be used to create an attachment for the bungee bands.

  1. Loop the strap around your stable fixed point at around waist height (no less than 800mm from the ground).
  2. Thread through and pull firmly tight.
  3. Attach your bungee bands to the looped ends of your straps.

Always ensure that what you’re attaching the attachment strap to is capable of dealing with a the load without bending, breaking or moving.

If you’re installing your own fixing point in a wall, ensure the wall is able to handle the load, and you’re using a fixing method that has a high load rating and is suitable for the wall construction.


Connect carabiners on bungee bands or straps to either the shoulder or waist metal loop attachment points on the harness.

Make sure you use the correct bungee bands or straps for the system you’re using:

Bungee bands:
Fixed point
TOW (attached to partner)

TOW (attached to partner)
Handles with partner
Dead weight pulls (tyres etc)

DO NOT pull dead weight with bungee bands as they are not designed for this use. This will damage them and nullify all warranty. For dead weight pulls, use the fixed straps provided in your Ankorr pack.


Set out your safety distance for your bungee bands of NO MORE than 4 meters from your fixed point. DO NOT over stretch bands past their end point (refer to diagram below) as it can cause damage and will void all warranty.

Safety & Maintenance


Harness & straps: Before you put your Ankorr on, check that all clips, straps, rings are not damaged before use.

Then check that your bungees, carabiners, straps & handles are not damaged before use. Replace any damaged or worn components immediately.

Attachment: The most important thing to consider when anchoring the Ankorr to a fixed point is to ensure it can bear your full bodyweight. Make sure when attaching to an anchor point to work off, you have thoroughly weight tested it.

Do not anchor to any sharp edges that may weaken or cut you anchor strap.

Incorrect usage: Ankorr should not be used as an abseiling/rope-climbing device.

Ankorr should not be used as a rescue harness. Ankorr may not be used as a safety harness/device.


Maintenance: After use, spray with disinfectant and wipe clean before hanging up to air dry. Place in a dry area. When dry place into Ankorr bag.

Cleaning: For cleaning place the Ankorr inside a laundry bag before washing in cold water. Hang up to dry. Do not place inside a dryer.